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Remembering Sarah Comstock

BEAUMONT - By Megan Dillard - Friends and family of a Lamar University student gathered at the school tonight to remember a young woman they say will be deeply missed.

19-year-old Sarah Bethany Comstock of Lumberton was a sophomore at LU.

State troopers say Comstock was driving northbound on Highway 69 just north of Keith Road at about 4:30 Friday morning.

Investigators say Comstock was driving at high rate of speed and crashed into a concrete barrier.

The car came to a stop in the left lane.

A driver in an 18-wheeler hit Comstock's vehicle.

First responders transported Comstock to Christus Hospital Saint Elizabeth, where she died yesterday.

Troopers say the other driver had no injuries.

Investigators are still trying to pinpoint the cause of the accident.
Comstock was wearing a seat belt.

The overwhelming response from everyone KFDM spoke with tonight was Sarah was gorgeous, goofy and sweet as could be.

Her younger sister shared tearful memories of the 'best person' she ever met.

More than one hundred people met outside at the Quad at Lamar University Tuesday night.

A place Sarah Comstock surely walked through on her way to classes became the area where friends and family celebrated the sophomore's memory.

"Not a lot of sisters get along and I'm so glad we had a strong bond together."

Her younger sister Savannah explained Sarah was simply beautiful inside and out.

"She was confident in everything she did. She would know nothing about something and pretend. She pulled everything off."

The two were close both at home and at Pappadeaux in Beaumont where the two worked together.

"Finding my clothes in her room. She'd always be like no, I don't have this, and I was like I know you do! Our late-night talks. She'd come home from work and like one or two in the morning and just talk to me about anything."

Sorority sisters showed support through song.

Other Lamar students looked at photos, shared hugs and wiped away tears. Young faces, heavy hearts; all sharing the pain of losing a woman they say touched many lives.

"She has families away from home. Even at school, her Zeta sisters, that bond is real. I know it means a lot to them for everybody to be here. It's just nice how all her different families come together for her, even when she's not here."

One student said he gave Sarah the nickname "Skittles" because of her energy and colorful personality.

Her sister also shared a story in which a guest at Pappadeaux brought Sarah chocolate-covered strawberries just last week on Valentine's Day. Many stories and memories all painting the picture of a woman loved by many.

Friends and family will recite the rosary from 5-8 p.m. Wednesday at Broussard's in Silsbee.

A funeral mass will follow Thursday at 11 a.m. at Infant Jesus Catholic Church in Lumberton.Remembering Sarah Comstock

Friday, April 12 2013, 09:58 AM CDT
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