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NJROTC reaction to women allowed to fight in combat

PORT ARTHUR-By: Leslie Rangel

The Department of Defense has announced the military is lifting its ban on women serving in combat.

The new order allows women to serve on combat patrol.  They even have the opportunity to join the Navy Seals.
At Memorial High School in Port Arthur, women in the Navy Junior ROTC program say the new order was a long time coming.

Senior commanding officer Jasmine Adams is in charge of the NJROTC, a position that's very rare for women.

"You can still be girly, but sometimes you gotta get dirty with the boys," Adams tells KFDM. She says she's ready to serve on the front lines.   

"That means that when I go to the military I won't have to sit behind a desk. I'm sure my momma wouldn't mind it but like I said, I wouldn't mind combat. I love my country I want to defend it as much as the next person," Adams said.

Out of more than 130 NJROTC members, just a bit more than 50 are women. The students say despite the differences, they aren't discouraged from joining.

Their Senior Chief officer, Robert Dunn, says he agrees with his female students but still worries for their safety.

"If a female is captured there are certain things, horrible things that happen to females in combat and no one here in America wants to see that," Dunn tells KFDM.

In the eyes of these women, the change is all about equality.

Adams says, "Yes! Stop discriminating, all the segregation because I'm a women I can go fight with a man."

"A big spark, not even a spark, a firework that goes off in my mind, it's just amazing that we can help do more," Britney Nelson, unarmed drill team leader says.

This Saturday the NJROTC girls and boys will take part in a drill meet in Houston to qualify for state.

The U.S. Services have until January 16 to appeal closing certain jobs for women.

NJROTC reaction to women allowed to fight in combat

Wednesday, March 13 2013, 10:11 AM CDT
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