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Safeguarding petrochemical plants from terrorists

BEAUMONT - by Ashley Gaston - The owner of a Beaumont engineering company is trying to safeguard petrochemical plants from the kind of terror attack that killed a Nederland native.

57 year old Victor Lovelady died when a terrorist group took over the natural gas plant where he was working in Algeria.

KFDM anchor Ashley Gaston spoke to a Beaumont engineer who says, its tough for the government or private business to prevent such attacks. The Beaumont engineer is doing what he can to protect the people inside.
Sina Nejad's Beaumont engineering company has spent more than a quarter century designing chemical and petrochemical plants in the U.S.and foreign countries.
The technique is to build buildings to where people cannot infiltrate or blast loads cannot damage, said Nejad.
It's a skill that took on added importance following the September 11th attacks.
After 9/11 we all got exposed to extreme terrorism and what people can do to hurt people and buildings-then all of a sudden what we've been doing has become fashionable, said Nejad.
What his firm does Is take the plans on paper and try to make a plant more secure, less likely to suffer catastrophic damage in a bombing.
At the end of the day, we might be able to save people's lives and equipment inside the building, said Nejad.
Nejad's goal is to design blast-resistant buildings at plants here and overseas.  And try to create a buffer between a job site and terrorists who want to get inside.
Unfortunately when you hear those things you look at other things and figure out a way to not become a victim of that type of behavior, said Nejad.

The engineer says his company studies what happened in the past, 9/11,  the Algerian attack, and learn new ways to keep workers safe.
Nejad says the safety measures for the chemical industry in the united states is more secure than those abroad.

Safeguarding petrochemical plants from terrorists

Wednesday, March 13 2013, 10:09 AM CDT
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