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Man robs Vidor bank; police say it's not the serial robber

JEFFERSON COUNTY - By Megan Dillard - Four times in a little more than one week.

The bank robberies are beginning to add up in southeast Texas.
Today it was Compass Bank on North Main in Vidor.

The series of robberies began last week in Vidor when a man held up Mid South Bank.

Investigators believe the same man might be responsible for robbing Compass Bank off I-10 in Beaumont last Friday and Saturday's robbery of the bank inside Kroger on Dowlen.

Police and the F.B.I. are not linking him to the robbery this morning at Compass Bank on Main Street in Vidor.

KFDM spoke with a woman who found herself in the uneasy role during the past week, of a witness at the scene of both crimes in Vidor.

"It was more adrenaline. It was more like, oh my gosh, what just happened."

Amanda Leger stopped at the BBVA Compass bank on North Main in Vidor Wednesday morning.

It's something she does several times a week.

"I work here in Vidor so I do business here a lot, and I was actually coming here to address something with my account. Obviously I can't do that today."

She got out of her car, saw a man running out the doors she was about to walk through, then heard sirens.

"The last thing I expected was a bank robber trying to run out as I'm trying to walk in."

Leger was in the wrong place at the wrong time January 15, when a robber held up the Mid South Bank in Vidor.

"I was pumping gas and noticed a man run out the other day. This is the second one in two weeks so it's just a little freaky."

Investigators say the two Vidor bank robberies aren't related though the police chief understands the trend may be unsettling to the community.

"This is very unusual for Vidor. Obviously this man that did this today is not the same person that robbed Mid South Bank, but like I say, it's just an unusual chain of events."

A chain of events with one thing in common: witnesses who might be able to help law enforcement officers.

"Be vigilant and if you see something suspicious, give us a call."

Leger says she plans to do just that.

"In Vidor I will be very more cautious."

Investigators say the man who robbed the Compass Bank today in Vidor is a black man.

Leger, the witness, said he was heavyset and wore a toboggan hat. He was last seen running on North Main. Police say he might have been headed to nearby neighborhoods.

If you have information about this robbery or the hold up January 15, call Vidor Police at 409-769-4561.
You can also call the F.B.I. or Beaumont Crimestoppers about the other robberies.


VIDOR - by Scott Lawrence - Vidor police and the F.B.I. are searching for a man who robbed BBVA Compass Bank on Main Street.
Investigators say it's not the same man who has robbed several banks in Beaumont during the past week.

KFDM News is covering today's robbery. Stay with KFDM and for updates.

The man robbed BBVA Compass Bank, 855 North Main, Vidor, at about 10 a.m. Wednesday. No one was hurt. Witnesses describe the robber as a black man wearing a cap. He left in a red Chevrolet Suburban with writing on the rear window.  

A man robbed MidSouth Bank in Vidor on Monday, January 14. Police believe the same man may be responsible for robbing BBVA Compass Bank off I-10 in Beaumont last Friday. 

Investigators say the robber may also be the same man who held up the bank inside Kroger on Dowlen last Saturday. The robber in each of those cases is white, 5'5" with a medium build.

Man robs Vidor bank; police say it's not the serial robber

Wednesday, March 13 2013, 10:10 AM CDT
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