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Teacher fighting childhood obesity

BEAUMONT - by Ashley Gaston

Doctors say childhood obesity has become an epidemic in the United States, but have you heard the numbers that bring home the frightening facts?

The number of obese kids has tripled in the past three decades.

Some studies show one out of every three kids is obese.

Six news anchor Ashley Gaston spoke to a Beaumont teacher who is trying to do something about it.

These second graders at Roy Guess Elementary in Beaumont are eager to answer.

Janna Staton is going over a math practice test with her students.

We've been working our brains, working our brains, and ya'll seem a little sluggish.  So we need to get up and move our bodies, said Staton

After a morning filled with hitting the books, Mrs. Staton believes a little bit of physical activity helps rejuvenate the brain.

Tuesday, the kids jump start their afternoon with a game of kickball.

We learn how to be good sports and that keeping active all your life is very, very important, said Staton.

Staton teaches her students that exercising each day is good for their health.

I think it's important to lead by example, you can't junk food and sit on the couch and expect the children to do something different, said Staton.

Staton has been active her entire life.  She encourages the 6 and 7 year olds to follow in her footsteps.

They work out for about ten minutes, then it's back to the books.

Solving problems in the classroom and trying to make sure these kids are on the road to good health when they leave for the day.

Doctors say children should exercise or get involved in physical activities for about one hour each day.

Teacher fighting childhood obesity

Wednesday, March 13 2013, 10:08 AM CDT
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