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Hundreds rally against abortion

BEAUMONT-By: Leslie Rangel

People gathered at Saint Anne Catholic Church in Beaumont to show support for Pro-Life groups.

Pro-Life supporters say they took advantage of the 40th anniversary of the ruling of Roe v. Wade to speak up on a day that changed history.

The rally included music prayer and testimony inside the church. The keynote speaker, Jon Sheptock shared his reasons against abortion with rally attendees.

"I was born without any arms and a short right leg, a lot of people tend to want to throw away people with disabilities or think that they won't accomplish anything. I'm here to show people that with God anything is possible," Sheptock tells KFDM News.

Men and women of all ages gathered to show signs with messages against abortion.

"Women think that they should not be forced to carry a baby, but I think it was a choice to get pregnant, I see today as a bad decision, something that was not a victory for women at all, it hurts women," High school Pro-Life supporter Kaylie Smith says.

The group marched to an abortion clinic in Beaumont, a sign in clinic's window read Jesus never shamed women. The clinic's website says women have the decision to make their own healthcare choices.

Supporters released balloons at the end of the rally,  they say it symbolized hope and prayer to the heavens.

Hundreds rally against abortion

Wednesday, March 13 2013, 10:03 AM CDT
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