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Nederland reacts to Algeria hostage crisis

NEDERLAND - By Justin Hinton, KFDM News

Nederland residents have been discussing the news of a community member taken as a hostage in Algeria while working at a gas plant.

It's such a close-knit town. You know people. That's not supposed to happen here, Robert Ackerman said.

He said what happened to the man with Mid-County ties makes him think differently about life.

Makes you realize, you got your family. You want to see them every day. You take that for granted. They can go away in an instant just by going to work, he said.

Bobbie Buss works at Something Sweet Bakery.

She said she didnt know the man personally, but her kids were talking about it at school.

I dont know if, you know, they did a lesson over it or what, but they definitely learned about it yesterday, she said.

The family of the man taken hostage tells KFDM News they received a call from the State Department Friday morning indicating he is alive and well.

The family says while it waits for his return, its overwhelmed by the support and prayers from Southeast Texans.

I cant tell you how much we appreciate the support, a family member told KFDM News. Our church friends, everyone. Its been astronomical.

KFDM News is not releasing the mans name because his family says the State Department representative told them that doing so could jeopardize his safety while he remains a hostage.Nederland reacts to Algeria hostage crisis

Wednesday, March 13 2013, 09:59 AM CDT
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