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BISD Police Chief reacts to gun control proposals

BEAUMONT - By Justin Hinton, KFDM News

The Beaumont school districts police chief addressed security concerns after President Barack Obama called for sweeping changes in gun control.

The items that he discussed, I think are very proactive and I think there's something that can be useful as it relate to reducing the amount of shooting, not only in schools but in our streets, Chief Clydell Duncan said.

After addressing the nation, Obama signed 23 executive actions free from Congressional blockade.

One of those actions included hiring an increased number of school resource officers for those schools who wish to have more.

What remains to be seen is how that plan will be carried out.

If in fact the funding is available that will allow us to increase our staffing without any unnecessary burden on the district, I would be for applying for those funds, because I know that it would benefit us in terms of increasing our level of visibility within the school district, Duncan said.

He also realizes that an increased number of patrol officers would only solve part of the problem. He believes educating staff, students and teachers on the signs that may cause a school shooting is also important.

An armed officer, banning weapons, is not enough, he said. Everyone has to get involved in that in terms of increasing school security.

Duncan is planning on creating a safety committee that would meet monthly to discuss how schools can improve safety. His department would join forces with the group to fix the problems.
He says he hopes to see it in action as early as next month but needs the superintendents approval.BISD Police Chief reacts to gun control proposals

Wednesday, January 16 2013, 09:11 PM CST
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