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Local flu cases skyrocketing

JEFFERSON COUNTY - by ASHLEY GASTON - The Beaumont Health Department has run out of the flu vaccine. Nurses have vaccinated at least 15 hundred people since September.

The Health Director says people who haven't received a shot need to get one because Southeast Texas is following the national trend with flu cases skyrocketing.

Six news anchor Ashley Gaston found a health center in Port Arthur that has a large amount of the vaccine on hand.

Timothy Sayles is a little nervous.  This is his first vaccine in ten years.

Coughing, cold to the bones and high fever, said Sayles.

Sayles had the flu two weeks ago.  Now, he's getting the flu shot with the goal of reducing his chances of once again coming down with the virus.

The repercussions of the flu, are missing work, school, other than being sick other repercussions of having the flu are pneumonia, said Sayles.

Sayles is the Executive Director of the Gulf Coast Health Center in Port Arthur.
At least 30 people are coming in every day with flu-like symptoms.

Gulf Coast Health Center has 700 shots of the flu vaccine on hand.  Doctors say that $15 shot can make a difference between staying well and getting sick.

The flu vaccine is effective, it has addressed the strain that is going around, that's Sherry Ulmer.

So far in January, Ulmer says 363 people in Beaumont have reported flu-like symptoms.  That's nearly 150 more than in December.

It can be critical or fatal for them if they get the flu, said Ulmer.

Ulmer says every year the flu kills 30 thousand people in the U.S.

We should be able to help everyone we need to help, said Sayles.

The center has a large supply of Tamiflu to help you recover.

And enough vaccine to help reduce your chances of going through the same kind of misery he felt just weeks ago.

The Gulf Coast Health Clinic also offers Tamiflu for adults and children. The cost: only five dollars.

Local flu cases skyrocketing

Wednesday, January 16 2013, 09:11 PM CST
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