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Gun sales on the rise sparked by gun control debate

BEAUMONT-By: Leslie Rangel

Wednesday, President Obama will announce proposals he says are designed to reduce gun violence.

A spokesman wouldn't outline the plan, but says it will reflect the President's desire for a comprehensive approach.

CBS News is reporting he will lay out executive orders related to the collection of data on firearms and overall gun violence. A White House spokesman says the President will work with Congress with the understanding that getting a bill passed won't be easy.

Here in Southeast Texas, the possibility of gun control is causing customers to rush into stores to buy guns almost as soon as the owners can stock them.

At JJ's Pawn Shop on College in Beaumont, phones have been ringing non-stop with people looking for handguns, long guns and any other firearms available.

Owner Jim Hedrick says his sales have doubled in just two months.

"It's just like saying you can't get anymore candy bars, people are going to go buy all the candy bars they can find," Hedrick says.

People are looking to stock up before stores sell out on guns and ammunition.

"Get on a waiting list because that's pretty much what you have to do anywhere, everybody's stock is out," Tyler Troutman, a gun buyer says.

Owner say, despite the boom in business, it doesn't mean it will be good in the long run.

"See as a business owner I look at it on the other side, I can't keep all these people paid without inventory," Hedrick tells KFDM News.

Inventory has become so scarce, shipments have diminished to single boxes compared to large loads.

"As long as these shelves are empty I have a choice that if either my suppliers will keep my business by keeping me inventoried or we will soon have to make a decision about how many days I'll be open," Hedrick said.

A result of supply and demand, fueled by the national debate about guns.

The President will outline his proposals about gun control during a news conference at 10:45 Wednesday morning.

Gun sales on the rise sparked by gun control debate

Tuesday, January 15 2013, 07:55 PM CST
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