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West Brook rallies to help fire victims

BEAUMONT - by ASHLEY GASTON - The Red Cross is helping a family of seven find a place to live after a fire destroyed their Beaumont home. 

Investigators have ruled that a malfunction in a fireplace sparked Sunday night's fire. 

Six news anchor Ashley Gaston explains what a local high school is doing to help the family. 

Arm in arm members of the Pena family hold on to each other as they watch a fire destroy their home. 

“When someone says your house is burned down, it's not easy to believe, but I had some doubts,” said Angel Pena. 

Angel Pena didn't want to believe it when his sister called him Sunday night and told him about the fire.

He drove home to the 600 block of Chamberlin and saw the flames.

“All in all, I'm hoping there are just a few holes in the roof,” said Pena.

There was much more than holes in the roof.  Fire charred the walls and water covered everything.

Pena is freshman at West Brook.

Once staff and classmates heard about the fire, they wanted to help.

“We're a family and families help each other,” Kristi Fuselier.

Kristi Fuselier is the director of student affairs.  She sent an email to 200 teachers requesting donations for Pena's family.

In a short amount of time West brook has already received a sweat-shirt and some other donations. 

Fuselier is welcoming clothes like this as well as pants and shoes for the family of 7.

A family left homeless, but not without hope.

West Brook is collecting clothes for the high school student, three adults and three small children.

Angel (WB student)-
 Pants-38 x 34
 Shoe-10 ½
 Shoe-8 ½
 Pants-34 x 30

 Shoe-Kids 13
 Shoe-Kids 8
 Shoe-Kids 6West Brook rallies to help fire victims

Monday, January 14 2013, 06:40 PM CST
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