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Sheriff Mitch Woods looks back and plans ahead for new year, new term

BEAUMONT - By Megan Dillard - Many of us make resolutions this time of year we also reflect on changes or improvements from the year that's passed.

Jefferson County Sheriff Mitch Woods sat down with KFDM and did just that.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is one of several law enforcement agencies that protect Southeast Texans day in and day out.
The sheriff is optimistic not only about the new year but for his new term. Coming off last year's election victory, Mitch Woods was proud to share his gratitude and his vision for what's to come.

"For an agency our size, we have capabilities a lot of agencies dream of having."

Sheriff Mitch Woods is proud to be a part of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

"This past year having gone through an election, now we're starting a new term, I think spirits are high right now after being victorious and coming in to it, I think people are feeling good."

While Mitch says employees are optimistic about the future he also reflects on growth and improvements made during his 16-year tenure.

Advances in technology.

Units with computer systems, video cameras, LED lights.
"Keeping up with that aspect in itself is almost a full-time job, just keeping up with technology."

Another areas of focus is the Jefferson County jail.
Woods says there are many reasons for lower numbers in the jail, including hard work from the courts and changes in parole and probation legislation.

"We've been kind of keeping a count in our jail. I've actually seen it go down."

Keeping up with Texas legislature is critical for Woods.
With the start of the new session this week, Woods has his eyes on Austin. "We've made efforts in the last two sessions to try to plug some holes and deal with the prescription medication problem that's still out there." Woods says prescription medication abuse and synthetic drugs are a problem in Southeast Texas; criminal acts his office will continue to fight. So while the sheriff thinks back, he's also planning ahead.

"We're all anxious to get another term under our belt and move forward into the future."

A future he hopes will keep him coming back for more.

"There's never been a day where I woke up and thought, oh geez, I've got to go to work. There's been some days I was more tired than others, but no, I thoroughly enjoy coming down here day in and day out and being associated with the sheriff's office, with law enforcement agencies. It's a good feeling."

The sheriff told us some plans for the marine division.

That group is supposed to move to it's new location in Sabine Pass this year, something the sheriff hopes will continue to bring security to intracoastal Texas waterways.

Sheriff Mitch Woods looks back and plans ahead for new year, new term

Thursday, January 10 2013, 04:11 PM CST
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