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Store owner won't back down to criminals

PORT ARTHUR - by ASHLEY GASTON - Port Arthur convenience store owner victimized by two robbers with guns is vowing to stand his ground against criminals.

KFDM anchor Ashley Gaston reports, the businessman says he owes it to his customers, his employees, and his family.

Jihad Hammad recognizes most of his customers when they walk in the door.  It's usually not their first time here.

“There are good people in my neighborhood,” said Hammad.

He's owned the Scalcos convenience store on Gulfway Drive in Port Arthur for 22 years.

He says burglars have hit the store in the past, but Monday night's robbery was a first.

“They were scared, everybody is scared in that position, you would be scared too, but thank God nothing happened to them,” said Hammad.

Hammad says a clerk was working behind the cash register when two men wearing masks and holding guns walked into the store, hopped over the counter and stole cash out of the register.

“She's scared, very scared.  I just sympathize with her very much,” said Hammad.

One of the attackers pointed a gun at the woman.  She wants to quit, but Hammad is urging her to stay.

“I’m not going to let anyone take my money or hurt me or my worker,” said Hammad.

He says he won't back down to criminals.  Hammad is asking his customers and others in Port Arthur to help him and officers.

“We just have to work hard with the police and anyone who has information, please give to police.  That will help us get a clear city from these violent guys,” said Hammad.

Violence that has now touched this store for the first time in two decades, frightening a clerk and reinforcing the owner's vow to continue serving his customers while providing for his family.

You can call Port Arthur Police at 983-8600 if you have any information about this robbery.
Store owner won't back down to criminals

Wednesday, February 27 2013, 05:49 PM CST
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