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BISD announces administrative reorganization

BEAUMONT - From BISD - Dr. Timothy Chargois has kicked off 2013 with a few organizational changes that represent streamlining operations and planning for vacant positions created by a few January retirements.

Dr. Shirley Bonton remains deputy superintendent and the number two person in BISD administration. However, her leadership role has expanded to include finance and child nutrition. Dr. Bonton’s new title is deputy superintendent for the Division of Finance Services and Elementary Administration. The change means the current vacant position of chief business officer and all the financial functions are now part of Dr. Bonton’s supervision. While the chief finance officer’s position will remain vacant for the remainder of the school year, Devin McCraney will report to Dr. Bonton. He continues as the director of finance with staff of purchasing, business support services, payroll, business systems and benefits offices under his auspices. Elementary schools, federal title programs and Head Start operations are also responsibilities within Dr. Bonton’s division.

Assistant Superintendent Philip Brooks is in charge of the Division of Administration and Operations. His role has expanded to include facilities and maintenance. Transportation, health services, student services and the police department continue to be his direct reports. Veteran administrator Sybil Comeaux is now the executive director of the Division of Human Resources-the area’s name has changed from "personnel." Comeaux remains responsible for certifications and personnel inventory.

With all the changes in technology, the Department of Library Services is now a function within the Division of Technology, Research, Planning and Evaluation. Performance management and information services/technology continue to report to Dr. Dwaine Augustine, assistant superintendent of the division. Educational partnerships, communications, publications, printing and media center operations remain a function of direct reports to Special Assistant for Communication Jessie Haynes.

Patricia Lambert, assistant superintendent for the Division of Curriculum, Instruction and Secondary Administration, is responsible for middle and high schools, special education, professional development (including curriculum), adult/community education, career technology, athletics and driver’s educations. The After School Centers for Education (ACE) and guidance services also report to Lambert.

Personnel changes kicking off during this year include the Jan. 31, 2013, retirement of longtime employee Janice Teel. Teel is currently secretary to the Board of Trustees and manager of the clerical staff in the Office of the Superintendent. Georgia Antoine, currently executive administrative assistant to the superintendent, will replace Teel. Also in the front office operations, Cindy Guidroz will replace Antoine as the superintendent’s executive administrative assistant.

Joy James, veteran educator and administrator in BISD, is also retiring at the end of this month. She is the coordinator of Educational Partnerships which includes the district’s volunteer recruitment program. A search for her replacement is now being conducted. A few more retirements and support staff changes are being processed and reviewed. Also, at Central Medical Magnet High School, a search has been posted for a new head football coach and campus athletics coordinator. Other position searches include a couple of part- time police officers, administrative assistants and a finance office systems management professional.

BISD announces administrative reorganization

Thursday, January 10 2013, 04:13 PM CST
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