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Deputies find thousands of dollars in K2 Spice and Methamphetamine


Jefferson County deputies arrested three people after investigators with the Narcotics Division uncovered what they call two separate drug operations.

The first arrest happened Friday after months of investigation. Narcotics officers say they found 33-year-old Roberto Cantu of Garwood, Texas with nearly 2 lbs. of methamphetamine.

Investigators say they also found nearly $10,000 in cash, drug scales disguised as iPhones and three handguns.

Cantu was held on a $20,000 bond.

Narcotics officers say a bust like this won't stop drug problems, but it will help curb them.

"Doesn't sound like a lot in this day and age that we're getting so much, but that much methamphetamine at one time in one place is a very good lick and this was a very active drug dealer, wholesaler, certainly an upper level distributor and we're very proud to get them," Deputy Chief Ron Hobbs, of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office told KFDM.

The second unrelated investigation led officers to the M&M Express Convenience Store at the corner of Washington and Ave. A in Beaumont.

Monday, investigators found several packets of the synthetic marijuana, K@ Spice inside the store.

They arrested the store clerk, 29-year-old Natividad Savala, and one of the owners 65-year-old Karim Khoja.

Deputies say the drug was found under the front counters, inside a backpack and inside a garbage bag in the back of the store.

Deputies say the cartoon packaging on the K-2 suggests the suspects are trying to market to younger buyers.

"It's particularly evil to clearly market something like this to young people, that makes a harmless appearing package, but our experience is that these things are anything but harmless," Hobbs says.

Savala was released from the Jefferson County jail on $2,500 bond and Khoja was also released on $2,500 bond.

Deputies find thousands of dollars in K2 Spice and Methamphetamine

Tuesday, January 8 2013, 07:50 PM CST
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