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One Southeast Texas New Year baby born in car

JEFFERSON COUNTY - By Megan Dillard - Proud parents in hospitals around the country are celebrating the birth their New Year's Day baby.
For one Southeast Texas family, the story goes beyond having one of the first babies born in this area in 2013.
For them, it was about the journey.
It was a trip Frank and Starlynn Woodsum will never forget.
"The most intense car ride I've ever been on."
The couple was headed from Winnie to Baptist Hopsital in Beaumont for the delivery of their son Bentley Mitchell.
"We got on the interstate. I was doing alright. The car went over a bump. My contractions got a lot harder."
Neither of them could've prepared for what happened next.
"I realized my water broke and I felt the baby down there so I ended up putting my head down there and his head was already out."
Starlynn gave birth in the car shortly after one in the morning on Interstate 10, by mile marker 842.
"It was awesome but scary at the same time because I, we, had no idea what to do."
Frank stayed on the phone with 911 and continued driving to Baptist, where staff members welcomed the mom and the hospital's first New Year's Day baby.
"For being the first baby born here, lots of good stuff in there!"
Baby Bentley is doing fine with mom, dad, and two older sisters.
"I have purple hands!"
A happy, healthy family with quite the story to reflect upon, each time they ring in the new year.
"He's like a star, I guess would be the word. Everyone wants to see the newborn baby, the New Year baby."
The Woodsums say hopefully the family is now complete with their latest bundle of joy.

One Southeast Texas New Year baby born in car

Wednesday, January 2 2013, 09:22 PM CST
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