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Beaumont man caught after robbery

BEAUMONT - PRESS RELEASE - At 10:49 AM on 12/29/2012, a male subject entered the business, A & E
Billiards at 1705 College as it was about to open for business. Once inside, he
confronted the store manager demanding money. The subject displayed a handgun.
The female store manager, who has a concealed carry permit, attempted to draw
her own pistol, however, the suspect stopped her by pointing his weapon at the
manager’s face, and then disarmed her. The manager and the robber then began to
fight. The suspect fired a shot at the floor and ordered the manager to the
floor. When asked, the manager told the suspect the money was in the office
area, so he had her get up and get it. She handed the suspect a bank bag , and
as the suspect was trying to open the bag to check out the contents, the manager
grabbed a second pistol from the office area and hid it in the front part of her
waist band. The suspect, once again, made her lay on the floor and ran from the
store with a bank bag. The manager got to her feet, chased after him, and fired
2 shots at him as he was running from the scene. Both shots missed. She
immediately called police.

The suspect was located a few blocks away by Beaumont Police officers, who
also recovered the money and both handguns. No one was seriously injured in the

The suspect: Isaiah Rideaux 42 year old B/M of Beaumont was arrested and
charged with aggravated robbery and felon in possession of a firearm. He was
transported to the Jefferson County Jail.

Officer Doug Kibodeaux

Beaumont man caught after robbery

Saturday, December 29 2012, 07:23 PM CST
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