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First responders protect the people of Southeast Texas every day of the year

BEAUMONT - By Megan Dillard - Christmas is no holiday for many emergency dispatchers.
KFDM explains while you're opening presents, they're keeping telephone lines open helping callers and sending out first responders.
Lights, trees, Christmas cards.
Signs of the holidays.
"Stay on the line with me, officers are on the way okay?"
But this is not someone's living room.
These are dispatch centers where operators answer emergency calls from people who need help in southeast Texas.
This is the 911 Operations center on Orleans Street.
This group dispatches emergency calls for the Beaumont Police Department.
Trey Oster has spent 15 Christmases on the force.
The father of two says his family plans its holidays around his work schedule.
"It's part of the job. There's times when some event will come up, a special event, maybe a graduation, maybe not even a holiday, just some kind of family event and you're maybe not able to get off. It's kind of rough sometimes."
Here at the Acadian Ambulance dispatch center on Corley, the same group that works today will also work tomorrow on Christmas.
Victoria Martin and other supervisors bring Christmas to their work family.
"We make Christmas dinners for the crews so that way we make sure that they get something to eat and feel special about that. One of the supervisors here earlier had made some gift bags for his employees as well."
This is the Beaumont Fire EMS dispatch center.
District Chief Keith Stewart says he's spent countless Christmases working but he doesn't do it alone.
"We have great family support. And we also have support among our comrades. This is sort of like home away from home."
A home where Stewart and others remember why they work.
"Not just on the holiday, every day. We sit up here and manage calls throughout the day with constant tragedy and misfortune of other people; families that we never meet but we are involved in one of the worst days of their lives."
A group of people who takes calls, responds to emergencies, not just today and tomorrow.
Your protection is the goal every day of the year.
Each agency we spoke with explained all calls are treated with sensitivity and urgency every day of the year.First responders protect the people of Southeast Texas every day of the year

Wednesday, December 26 2012, 04:26 PM CST
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