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BPD tips for what to do in an accident

BEAUMONT - By Megan Dillard - We often bring you news about vehicle crashes in southeast Texas.

They can be scary, and you might not know what to do if you find yourself involved in a wreck.

KFDM partnered with the Beaumont Police Department to bring you these steps a quick course in accident 101.

This is video of accidents we've covered across southeast Texas.
Many of you may have found yourselves in a crash.

Sergeant Rob Flores with the Beaumont Police Department explained what you should do if you're involved in an accident.

One: move your car out of the road.

The biggest thing we want the public to know is if they're involved in a minor crash, we want them to move that vehicle out of the lane of traffic.

And that's for their safety.

This keeps you and the officers who respond out of the street.

Don't worry about leaving things as they are to help determine fault.

"We can determine what happened by the physical evidence on the vehicle and also what's left out there."

Step two: call for EMS and police, even if the crash is minor and you plan to exchange information with the other driver on your own.

"It's just always a good practice to call us so we can verify that information. You don't want to be stuck out later with information that was false."

Flores explains, officers can check for insurance, write tickets if necessary and also fill out a crash report to provide to insurance companies.

"I would always touch base with your insurance company and they'll advise you who they need to contact after that."

That's step four: calling your insurance company.

State law requires drivers have at least liability insurance.

Police say you can avoid most accidents if you're alert and pay attention behind the wheel.

But, having a plan is the best way to protect yourself.

"If you write this out and keep it somewhere in that car, after you've been involved in a crash, you might have some type of emotional impairment and not know what to do, pull out that list that you've got, and it'll tell you step by step."

BPD stresses, if you're involved in an accident, call law enforcement.BPD tips for what to do in an accident

Tuesday, February 19 2013, 11:57 AM CST
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