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Beaumont school pays tribute to shooting victims

BEAUMONT - By Justin Hinton, KFDM News

Church bells rang out across the nation, commemorating the lives of those killed after a gunman open fired at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, killing 20 children and six adults.

Faculty, staff and students at Roy Guess Elementary School paid tribute by participating in a moment of silence.

Principal Debra Oge says the school has a moment of silence each morning, but this one was special.

“With the moment of silence that I know our adults had this morning, their thoughts were different than the moment of silence that they had last week, Thursday,” she said.

That was the day before the shooting took place.

Fourth grade teacher Patty Fracht says just thinking of the shooting brings tears to her eyes.

“We love the children that we teach, and we’re with them every day,” she said. “They’re our family, so when we think of something like that, it hits us real personal and every time I think of it, I get tears.”

Some parents contemplated leaving their children at home the days following the shooting.

“It’s really scary what happened there, and I was apprehensive actually, to tell you the truth, to send my child to school today because thinking about that and being 12/21, so I was really nervous, but I knew Ms. Oge would do a good job, so I sent her on,” said Peggy Green.

Green said she felt her daughter was safe at Guess Elementary, one of the reason she enrolls her at the school year after year.

Shortly after the shooting, Principal Oge said she reviewed their safety policy. She says she’s always felt comfortable about her students' safety and is happy with the current security procedures.

Beaumont school pays tribute to shooting victims

Tuesday, February 19 2013, 12:02 PM CST
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