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Students honor victims from Sandy Hook at BISD board meeting

BEAUMONT - By Megan Dillard - Many parents and students are concerned with security in BISD schools following last week's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.

KFDM covered tonight's board meeting.

Topics included discussion about BISD security and a special student presentation.

It certainly was a special moment tonight.

It was very moving to watch children from the Beaumont school district honor the memory of the 26 children and adults who died last week.

Students held a photo for each child who was shot.

One at a time, each student called out a name as a picture flashed on a screen.

Elementary school children from across the district wrote letters of support to the families, classmates, and teachers of those who died.

Hundreds of pages, posters, and pictures will be mailed to Newtown. Board President Woodrow Reese said he was overwhelmed.

He said tonight would forever be a special night in Beaumont.
The quiet moments of remembering victims then transitioned into discussion as board members took a closer look at the district's campus security practices.

Phil Brooks, the Assistant Superintendent of Administration and Operations for BISD, said the district's focus following the shootings at Sandy Hook is the safety of facilities and students.

He explained the BISD Police Department has inspected all schools closely, as seen in this video of K9 units at West Brook High School today. Also in the report: rumors.

Dr. Chargois said students and staff have a heightened sense of awareness and with that comes more reports of anything out of the ordinary.
Brooks ensured the board each rumor has been investigated, including interviews with students and staff.

Dr. Chargois mentioned some of the rumors have been in relation to tomorrow; what some are calling the end of the world.

Because of the sensitivity surrounding that day, there will be extra security, more officers and a partnership with Beaumont Police to make sure school is the safest place for students.  Students honor victims from Sandy Hook at BISD board meeting

Tuesday, February 19 2013, 11:29 AM CST
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