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Kountze remembers victims from shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary

BEAUMONT - By Megan Dillard - The painful process of saying goodbye continued today, as the community of Newtown, Connecticut remembered more students and a teacher today.

Many are calling Victoria Soto, 27-year-old teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary, a hero.

She was laid to rest today, as mourners remembered her as a selfless woman who died trying to shield her students from the gunman.
It's been five days since 20 children and six adults were shot in Newtown.

People all across the nation were left reeling from the violent attack.
Here in southeast Texas, a group gathered tonight at Kountze Elementary School to take a moment to pause and remember the lives lost last Friday.

The people gathered here at Kountze Elementary know they're prayers can't bring back the lives lost last week in Newtown, Connecticut.

But they're here to hurt together as a community.

"There's comfort in coming together as a community and praying with fellow believers that knows where the comfort comes from."

Tracy Baker brought her son 11-year-old Aaron to tonight's memorial service.

She says teaching him to show respect is important in building his Christian faith.

"We just can't express the sadness that we feel for them in the tragedy that they're going through. It's just beyond something that we can comprehend. Anything we can do to show respect for those families in Connecticut, we wanted to be here for that."

One at a time the names of each of the 26 victims was called out, a candle lit in their honor.

A row of candles lined the sidewalk as tears flowed and families hurt together.

Even the youngest of mourners offered respect.

"If anyone needs prayer tonight, that's what we're here for."

Several area pastors also led prayer for those in need, most of whom can't comprehend such an act.

"That gives us a hope, that gives us a strength, that gives us a peace that the world doesn't understand. And really it's the only way that these families will ever make it through."

Pastor Jimmy Linn explains there is no explanation.

He says it's about faith.

"We're being told by the media that Newtown is a community of faith, and that gives me a lot of hope."

One community offering prayers of hope and healing to another hundreds of miles away.

A pain shared across the nation in the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The mayor of Newtown has planned a day of remembrance this Friday. He's asking people from all faiths and religions to join as a community and ring a bell in honor of the victims 26 times.    Kountze remembers victims from shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary

Tuesday, February 19 2013, 09:23 AM CST
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