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Orange teenager gets Christmas wish early

BEAUMONT - by ASHLEY GASTON - An Orange county mother took her five adopted children and one foster child out of school for the day for a special ceremony.

Six news anchor Ashley Gaston reports, the foster child says it was her best Christmas present.

Family court is a familiar place for attorneys, child protective services and foster children.

"For her to want this is pretty special.  It’s amazing."

Haven Dockins had no idea she'd be the focus of Wednesday's court appearance.

Associate Judge Rod Paasch said, “Haven, you're here smiling so I guess you’re happy with this? Yes, Haven replied.

Haven's only Christmas wish: that her foster parents adopt her.

“This is the best Christmas I’ve ever had in my whole life,” said Haven.

Finally, after spending ten years in the foster care system, she now has a family of her own.  Two loving parents and 11 brothers and sisters.

5 of her siblings are also adopted.

"I love them so much; they mean so much to me.  I am so happy right now," said Haven.

Haven’s caseworker helps her wipe away the smudged mascara from her tears of joy.

A feeling haven says all of her siblings share.

Kristi Dockens said, "seeing the kids blossom when they've come from nothing and been abused in all sorts of ways it's just a true blessing to see that they flourish."

A blessing Kristi Dockens finds in all of her adopted children....from 19 16 years old.

Children who now have a family to call their own for many Christmas' to come.

CPS says teenagers are the hardest group to place for adoption, because most parents want younger children. 
Orange teenager gets Christmas wish early

Tuesday, February 19 2013, 09:12 AM CST
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