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Construction work at West Brook HS continues

BEAUMONT - By Megan Dillard - The construction at West Brook High School in Beaumont is a project that started more than two years ago.

Today, some Beaumont tax payers are questioning the lengthy construction time and quality of work.

Two companies are involved in the building and renovation process: construction by Morganti and project management by Parsons.

Representatives from each group met with concerned parents and a BISD board member this afternoon.

The work at West Brook High School includes building a new auditorium, as well as renovations on the field house.

The projects are funded through a nearly $400 million bond which voters passed in 2007.

Now, several years later, BISD board member Tom Neild is concerned. He said he's been disappointed in all involved, from the project management to the construction work.

KFDM was not allowed to sit in on the meeting, but Neild explained the update included a commitment and a timeline to finish the field house work.

The group also talked about a schedule for the auditorium.

"There are some very complicated issues but I think everybody's heart's in the right place in trying to get these issues resolved and move forward." Jennifer Swatner also attended this afternoon's meeting.

She says she's the sole member of the Citizens Advisory Board, a group formed to follow the progress of bond issue projects.
Swatner says with all of the starts and stops the other board members quit. She sent us these pictures to illustrate what she calls shoddy work at the field house, including water leaks, warped floors and rust.

"I don't understand why Morganti and Parsons would want to put their names on such shoddy work. After our meeting today, a representative from Morganti suggested that they're going to make it right. So it's my job I feel, as a an advisory board member to see it through to the end and make sure it's right."

According to bond summary statements on BISD's website, West Brook's auditorium was scheduled to be completed August of last year.

The field house work was supposed to be finished this past Spring.
KFDM reached out to the bond management company and the construction company.

Neither provided any comment.

Construction work at West Brook HS continues

Monday, February 18 2013, 04:13 PM CST
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