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Talking to your kids about school shootings

BEAUMONT-By: Leslie Rangel

The Connecticut shooting have left many parents dealing with some questions from their children.

The biggest questions parents and educators say they're getting from kids are what happened and why.

School counselor, Adrienne Hubert, from Homer drive elementary says it's very important to be honest with your children.

She suggests sitting down with your kids and being very open about the topic.

Hubert also says it's important for children to know updated phone numbers, addresses and parent's full names in case of emergencies.

"You have to arm them with knowledge. We hope by giving the children the knowledge of what they can do and what they are capable of doing that they'll be prepared for emergency situations." Hubert said.

She also says when talking to very young children using terms like "bad people" instead of  "shooter" helps children cope.

Hubert also addressed the issue of understanding when your child may be having developmental issues.

She says warning signs like changes in friends, diets and social activity should not be ignored.

Hubert says another very important thing to do is bond with your children

"You have to look at your child not as they are now, but also you have to look at them as what do I want my child to be like in the future," Hubert says.

Talking to your kids about school shootings

Monday, December 17 2012, 11:20 PM CST
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