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Reaction to Connecticut shooting from Port Neches-Groves

Port Neches - By Megan Dillard - KFDM also spoke with the superintendent and parents in the Port Neches-Groves school district.

Although the district is not as large as BISD, the superintendent explains crisis plans are in place.

Superintendent Dr. Rodney Cavness told us the news of today's shooting makes him sick.
He assures the families of PNG the district has plans in place in the event of a crisis.

Dr. Cavness shared with us his pain in the wake of the shootings in Connecticut.

"I just think it's terrible, and this country, I don't know what's happening." "I was shocked and horrified."

"Those are families that are never going to be the same after today."

These are the reactions of grandparents, parents, and a student tutor outside Port Neches Elementary School.

"Walking in and seeing them, I'm just peer tutoring for the 5th graders and they're still so small. They're just completely innocent and they're completely trusting."

"You send your kids to school and expect they're going to be safe and before the day's over, you're facing unspeakable sorrow. It's terrible."

Sorrow felt across the nation after a man opened fire this morning at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

More than two dozen died, including at least 20 children, many in their kindergarten classroom.

"Harmless babies who were innocent and in no way certainly deserved any of that."

Port Neches-Groves superintendent, Dr. Rodney Cavness, watched the news unfold from his office.

Half a country away, it hits home.
"I am pretty upset right now about this whole thing."

Cavness says the shootings touch him personally; not just as the man in charge of a school district, but as a father of six.

"I better figure out what I'm going to tell my 7-year-old tonight because she's going to ask."

Canvess explains PNG has crisis management plans in place and knowing how to react is not a duty he takes lightly.

"We are responsible for these babies while they're at school period. Just thinking about this, we've got campuses that are very well designed to prevent this and we've got others that we need to make some improvements."

While he and others ponder improvements, the message to the families of his district is clear.

"We're going to exhaust every resource we have to keep their kids safe. Period. That's our main goal. We're going to do that. If we've got to spend tons of money to keep them safe, we're going to do it."

The goal of safety: one that was breached at a small school in Connecticut. A far-reaching pain felt across the country.

"It makes you want to go up and hug your kids a little tighter and hold them a little closer."

The district revisits its crisis plan several times each year.

Dr. Cavness says today's events will spark an evaulation of PNG's communication and safety practices.Reaction to Connecticut shooting from Port Neches-Groves

Saturday, December 15 2012, 12:59 PM CST
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