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KWBB CW10 South Texas :: News - Top Stories - Governor Perry supports ban on abortion at 20 weeks

Governor Perry supports ban on abortion at 20 weeks

BEAUMONT - By Megan Dillard - The pro-life pro-choice debate is one that dates backs decades, since the Supreme Court ruling in the case Roe versus Wade, which legalized abortion.

Tuesday, Governor Rick Perry announced his support of a proposed ban on abortion twenty weeks into a woman's pregnancy.

Abortion is legal in Texas. It's a topic politicians on both sides debate heavily.

We spoke with a couple who displays pro-life signs across Southeast Texas and with a mother who says what a woman wants to do with her body is completely her choice.

Victor Soares reviews pages of pro-life signs he and his wife Karen display around Southeast Texas.

"We believe that life begins at conception and that you're taking a human life. It's not tissue, it is a life."

The couple heads the Right to Life organization and spends lots of time educating people about abortion.

"It is their choice but I don't think most times that they're making an informed choice. I don't think they've talked to somebody seriously and found out the other options."

The Soares pass out brochures and tools like this true-to-size model of a baby at 11 weeks.

"Eleven to 12 weeks of conception, and this is what it looks like."

Governor Rick Perry addressed a crowd in Houston today, throwing his support behind legislation that would ban abortion at twenty weeks, the point at which he said a fetus can feel pain.

"I think this is wonderful. We're going to have to say a lot of prayers to hope that this bill does get passed."

"It's a pretty scary situation when you think about it."

Amy Jones, a Beaumont mother of four, believes the right to have a baby or have an abortion is strictly up to the woman.

"I'm pro-choice because this is my body, and I don't think anybody else deserves a say in what I decide to do with it."

Jones works in women's health and she explains putting a time limit on when a woman can have an abortion limits the timetable for genetic screening.

"You set up the potential for women to be forced into a situation where they've got to make a decision about their pregnancy, and they may not have all the information in."

Information gathered from genetic screening done early in a pregnancy that can show a woman, whether her child is more prone to certain types of medical conditions.

"When you've been handed a diagnosis like that and you're already dealing with all of the emotions that you have to work through, to have a choice taken away from you, it's just wrong."

Governor Perry also wants the state to pass a bill requiring physicians who perform abortions to have an agreement with a nearby hospital in the case of an emergency.

The Texas legislature reconvenes January 8.Governor Perry supports ban on abortion at 20 weeks

Monday, February 11 2013, 04:59 PM CST
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