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Pirate Stadium undergoes new look

VIDOR - By Justin Hinton, KFDM News

An insurance settlement from Hurricane Ike is helping the Vidor Independent School District pay for repairs at Pirate Stadium four years after disaster struck.

"It was embarrassing to us as the district to have something that looked like that," board president, Mike Kilmer said. "We have been trying to find the monies to fix that for a couple of years now."

The district cashed in on a nearly $500,000 settlement from a lawsuit filed after their initial insurance settlement.

The Vidor ISD School Board approved the decision to allocate the majority of the funds, about $450,000 to the high school stadium unanimously.

The stadium will have a resurfaced track and new lights once the work is completed.

The track was laid down in 2001. Gradual wear and tear over 11 years and damage from two hurricanes prompted the admninistrators to make repairs.

"We're hoping that this one makes it a little longer," head track coach, Rick Wilson said. "They say after seven restripe it, and they're hoping for at least 15 out of this one."

He said schools are already calling him setting up track meets for future seasons.

Several weeks remain before the project is completed. A crew will begin work on removing the lights Saturday.

Pirate Stadium undergoes new look

Friday, December 7 2012, 07:54 PM CST
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