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KWBB CW10 South Texas :: News - Top Stories - Another round of Ike funding begins

Another round of Ike funding begins

PORT ARTHUR - By Justin Hinton, KFDM News

A second round of government funding is helping families recover four years after Hurricane Ike. The devastating storm in 2008 caused billions in damage and destroyed thousands of homes.

Shaun Davis with the Southeast Texas Regional Planning commission oversees the funding. He says $120 million is available this round and families can start applying now.

"If you have applied in round one and we currently have your application, there's currently no need to reapply," Davis said. "We'll be getting in touch with you in order to determine your eligibility."

Water seeped into Carolyn Anderson's parents' house, making the floors unstable and soft.

Anderson's mother is 82 and her father is 83. A back injury led to Anderson's unemployment, so most of her time is spent taking care of them.

"My mother walking into the kitchen or into the room and falling through the floor," she said. "That's my biggest fear because they're elderly. They can't take no falls."

Anderson applied for her parents in the first round, but were turned down. Their household income did not fall into the guidelines, but changes in their financial status gives them a second chance to receive funding.

Davis says people like Anderson should contact their case workers and update them if any changes occurred since they first applied.

Jefferson County Commissioner Michael Sinegal is putting together a list of people who need assistance.

Click here if you want to apply for funding.

Another round of Ike funding begins

Thursday, December 6 2012, 08:05 PM CST
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