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Wounded vet receives golf clubs

BEAUMONT - by Ashley Gaston - A wounded war veteran from Port Arthur is getting the support he needs to overcome obstacles.

Challenges he's facing from his time on the battlefield in Afghanistan.

Marine Sergeant Joshua Yarbrough hasn't played golf since he returned from Afghanistan, a double amputee.

Today, he's looking forward to returning to the course with a brand new set of Callaway golf clubs.

“Just really create a sense of happiness for you guys,” said Brandon East.  East is the Marketing Director for Games People Play.

Yarbrough didn't expect the media or a lot of attention when he came into games people play.

But for the people you see here, it was a way thanks Yarbrough for serving our country.

“We hooked up with Terry to kind of get you a new set of golf clubs and get you back into the things you love to do which is playing golf,” said East.

Yarbrough is looking forward to getting back in the game.

“Once I got hurt it was more about what I can't do than what I can do and now going through that list and checking off items that I can do,” said Yarbrough.

Yarbrough lost both of his legs when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan after he saved one of his comrades.

He says his prosthetic legs will help him strengthen his bond with his six year old son.

You don't take it for granted, you can be here one day and not the next...make every time with it count,” said Yarbrough.

Yarbrough says his daily goals are to create memories with his two sons and his wife Rachael.

“She babies me, aw, that's because she missed you.”

The shy Joshua winks at his wife holding their youngest son Patrick clinging to every moment he has with them.

Yarbrough will be taking his first golf lesson on Monday with his brand new set of golf clubs, shoes, and wardrobe.

Instructors say his prosthetic legs shouldn't be a handicap to his game.
Wounded vet receives golf clubs

Thursday, December 6 2012, 09:49 AM CST
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