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Texas rancher feels drought

HARDIN COUNTY - By Justin Hinton, KFDM News

Ranchers and farmers across Southeast Texas are feeling the pain of a drought.

Despite recent rainfall, a report by the U.S. Drought Monitor suggests many parts of Texas are experiencing the same thing.

“We are turning over every year in a deficit,” said Joe Bumstead, a Hardin County rancher. “If we’re 20 inches down and we start getting rainfall and we’re up at average, we never get that back.”

Bumstead owns 6 pastures ranging in size from 35 to 100 acres. He says losing his rye grass and cereal grain rye as a result of the drought is bad for business.

“If we can save it, I think we’re going to need a week of an inch, inch and a half, a day, 7-10 inches of rain.”

Bumstead said. Even still, he believes the damage is already done.

Bumstead is grateful for the hay harvest last spring. He says that is what has helped him keep up with his cattle.

Texas rancher feels drought

Wednesday, December 5 2012, 07:48 PM CST
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