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"Texas Wonderland" Christmas light display

BEAUXART GARDENS - By Megan Dillard - Lights and decorations are a big part of holiday festivities. One family's Christmas display has become tradition for many Southeast Texans. They call it the "Texas Wonderland."

KFDM spent the afternoon with the Wiese family at their home in Beauxart Gardents. They're more excited than ever to share their Christmas spirit with Southeast Texas.

Billie Wiese's back yard at his Beauxart Gardens home is kind of a mess.
He's been working for several days to go from this to this.

"Well it means a whole lot, being able to get out and being together, and being able to do it. That's why it means a whole lot to us."

For three decades, Wiese, his wife Lela, and their children have spread holiday cheer by turning their modest home into a winter wonderland.
"I'm moving all this manger stuff to the front."

"It feels good to be here. To be able to stand here beside him."

Last year, Lela suffered a heart attack and a stroke.

"It's really fantastic that I'm even here after what I went through. And it's something else that we here with me throughout it all."

An emotional Wiese wipes his eyes and recalls last Christmas. "Family medical problems last year and we decided to cut back last year."

'Thanks for the memories. Maybe next year. Merry Christmas.' This sign was the only decoration that the Wieses put up last year. This year, they're actually reusing it as part of their manger display. They're excited to say that at least some of their decorations are going back up.

"I've got to readjust everything because I'm used to doing everything at one time."
A smaller display than years past. Piece by piece; character by character. Every decoration is moved and carefully placed.

The Wieses are now passing on the tradition to the grandkids.

"Take three of them over there and give me three of them."

A family tradition that will now span generations.

"It makes me feel good that the kids are taking it over."

A Texas wonderland this couple is proud to share with the community.
"Christmas is quite special."

Wiese says thousands of people visit their home each year.
He hopes to have the display up and running this Friday night.

"Texas Wonderland" Christmas light display

Thursday, December 6 2012, 10:18 AM CST
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