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KWBB CW10 South Texas :: News - Top Stories - CPS shops for Christmas gifts for 236 foster children

CPS shops for Christmas gifts for 236 foster children

PORT ARTHUR - by Ashley Gaston - Child Protective Services is investigating 92 new cases of child abuse and neglect in Port Arthur that were first reported in November.

CPS spokeswoman Shari Pulliam says that number is much higher than normal and the numbers have been climbing in recent months.

Six news anchor Ashley Gaston reports the agency is doing what it can to help brighten the Christmas of the more than 230 Jefferson county children in the system.

“Right now I'm looking for some educational tools for a 2 year old,” said Samantha Myers.

Santa’s elves are working hard.

They’re picking out Christmas toys for children.

“Also get a couple of toys because education is fun but every girl loves a doll,” said Myers.

But Samantha Myers isn't at the North pole, she’s at Target in Mid County.

“I think the children are going to be really happy this year with what we're getting them,” said Myers.

Myers is a caseworker for Child Protective Services.

“I just really had a drive to help people and children are the most vulnerable out there that really need protecting and can't protect themselves,” said Myers.

Myers is shopping for the 20 Jefferson county children she visits every month.

“I like to interact with the children, make sure they've adjusted; they're doing well and see if there are any areas they need help in and make sure they're needs are taking care of,” said Myers.

Part of that is making sure foster kids have presents to open for Christmas.

Foster children are receiving fewer Christmas gifts this year than last.  That’s because CPS says there are more kids in the foster care system than ever before.

CPS is shopping for 236 children.

“We want parents and communities to do a better job of raising these children so they don't have to grow up in the foster care system,’’ said Shari Pulliam.

But for the children who are under the supervision of CPS and Samantha Myers…

“I just really want to make the world better,” said Myers.

She’s dedicated to giving the children a woman they can count on and a bright future.

 If people who serve on juries in Jefferson County donate their pay, CPS can use it to buy Christmas presents for the children.

This year more jurors kept their money leaving ten thousand fewer dollars to buy presents.CPS shops for Christmas gifts for 236 foster children

Thursday, December 6 2012, 10:19 AM CST
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