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Small businesses gear up for holiday season

NEDERLAND - By Megan Dillard - This time of year means many people out and about. From shopping at big retailers to mom-and-pop shops and everything in between.

Two Nederland business owners who run shops on Boston Avenue explain how they're taking advantage of the small-town feel, hoping for some big-time revenue during the holidays.

Decorations going up, flashing lights, holiday signs in windows.
Christmastime is here. 

Angel Dauphine runs The Wedding Hub, a place she calls a one-stop wedding shop.
"Our specialty is custom crafts."
Wedding planning, boutique items, gifts.
This is the store's second Christmas since its doors opened on Boston Avenue in Nederland.
"Last year my experience was that toward the Christmas holiday, the wedding planning slowed down a little bit. So this year, I anticipated that it would slow down and that we would focus on Christmas in the retail."
Retail items like greeting cards and coffee mugs geared toward the small-town shopper.
"Most of the traffic we get in this area off the street are people looking to shop. They like the unique, small-town feel of the little stores."

The Nederland Chamber of Commerce supports small-business growth on Boston Avenue.
"There's nothing like it in the area. Boston Avenue is the heart of Nederland. It's been really neat. I've lived here my whole life and it's been neat to see it grow to from what it used to be and what it is now."

"Don't they look like cookies?"
A few doors down, Jill Tassin is hanging ornaments at her home decor shop Chotzkies.
She says lower prices and cozy conversation help her compete with larger retailers.
"Hobby Lobby and Chotzkies, we do sell some similar things but we're local, and a lot of people like to shop local."
It took Tassin five days to create a winter wonderland in her store although Christmas stays on her mind year round.
"We spend the whole year listening to our customers to find out what they're interested in and what they like."
Inventory like signs, frames, decorations.
"We have been blessed."
From one store to the next, both women say Boston Avenue is the place for small-town shopping at Christmas and year round.
"Bye! Thank you!"

Boston Avenue is celebrating Christmas on the Avenue this Saturday from three in the afternoon until eight.
Activites include a snowball search, and a hot cocoa bar, and shopping.

Small businesses gear up for holiday season

Wednesday, January 30 2013, 03:39 PM CST
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