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Sour Lake business benefits from Cyber Monday

SOUR LAKE- by Ashley Gaston/KFDM News - A local business owner say internet sales allowed her business to expand into the homes of many Americans across the nation.

And Cyber Monday alone has increased the sales at the gourmet cupboard in sour lake by fifty percent.

Six news anchor Ashley Gaston toured the business to see why people in Canada are buying recipe ingredients from a small business in Sour Lake.

It began through a process of trial and error in a small kitchen in Sour Lake.

A mother and daughter cooking together to make homemade gifts for friends.

“My mom and I have always really enjoyed cooking and experimenting in the kitchen,” said Holmes.

Melissa Holmes and her mom started the gourmet cupboard.

They mix dry ingredients for some of their favorite family recipes and package them in Ziploc bags.

“We never thought we'd grow into something this successful and fun and great,” said Holmes.

The internet took their home cooking ideas and brought them into the homes of people across the nation as well as families in Canada and overseas.

“Majority is internet sales,” said Holmes.

Holmes says the World Wide Web allowed the gourmet cupboard to grow from two employees to twenty during the past decade.

“The internet has worked wonders for us,” said Holmes.

Holmes believes the hype of cyber Monday encouraged at least sixty customers to buy dozens of appetizer mixes, pie mixes, soup mixes and entree mixes online.

“Big order today, I guess just being cyber Monday it's increased a little bit. So that's exciting...we love Cyber Monday,” said Holmes.

A Mother and daughter working together to create recipes in their kitchen and profit from them on Cyber Monday and year-round. 

Each package comes with directions on preparing the ingredients to make a gourmet meal.

The company sells a variety of recipes in a bag from etouffee, to potato soup and cowboy cookies.

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Wednesday, January 30 2013, 03:05 PM CST
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