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911 calls from massive I-10 pileup

JEFFERSON COUNTY - The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has released 911 calls from motorists on I-10 who either saw or were involved in the 100 vehicle chain reaction accident Thanksgiving Day morning on Interstate 10 near Hamshire.

Two people were killed and dozens injured in the wreck in which fog was believed to have been a factor.

On the tapes you can hear the early calls where people describe a handful of vehicles involved, but as the calls continue to come in, the magnitude of the accident and the increasing number of vehicles involved becomes clear.

Also tonight, funeral arrangements have been set for a Pearland couple killed in the accident.

60-year-old Debra Leggio and 64-year-old Vincent Leggio died when their SUV was crushed between two vehicles when an 18-wheeler crashed into the back of them.

The Leggios were successful business owners and had an electrical company in Pearland for 30 years.

The couple's children say they were on their way to Mississippi for a holiday trip.

The funeral will be Wednesday at St. Helen Catholic Church in Pearland.

The Leggios leave behind three children and seven grandchildren. 

911 calls from massive I-10 pileup

Wednesday, January 30 2013, 03:06 PM CST
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