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Hope among the wreckage for a little boy and his dog

ORANGE COUNTY - By Megan Dillard - Many of you may have seen this picture from Thursday's accident scene.

Six-year-old Damian Ortiz and his mother were involved in yesterday's accident. The pair decided to share their Thanksgiving turkey with first responders and other people stuck on the scene. Damian passed out sandwiches.

What you might not know: Damian's dog Bo actually jumped out of their jeep shortly after the accident. After hours of searching and a drive to Louisiana without the dog, the family got a phone call today that changed all of that.

A little voice describing his best friend. "He chases me when he runs. When we run."

This scene at the Texas Welcome Center near the Louisiana state line is a much different one than what this family saw yesterday.

Navy Lopez and her son Damian were part of Thursday's pile-up on Interstate 10 which involved more than 100 vehicles.

"It was a terrible, terrible thing that we went through, but I'm just glad we're still walking."

This is the Jeep the pair was riding in, along with Damian's dog Bo.

Shortly after the accident, Bo jumped out of the Jeep.

"We walked up and down but nobody seemed to see him."

The young mutt didn't turn up.

"I just told him somebody was going to find him and return him. That's all I talked about. I want my puppy, I want to get Bo. Where's Bo?"

Meanwhile, Blake Jones was working the accident scene, towing cars and trucks.

He noticed a dog he thought was a stray.

"I started thinking about it. That was wreck was down there all day, we hadn't seen him all day. Now the wreck's gone and now he's here. He probably was involved in this somehow."

Jones sent pictures of the dog to his girlfriend who spread word quickly to see if anyone was missing the blue-eye pup.

Just minutes later, a phone call.

"I wasn't expecting it, but I was glad to give him good news.

News that led to this meeting point.

"Here you go buddy. Glad you got him back."

The reunion of a little boy with a big heart and the best friend he thought he'd lost.

"When something bad like that happens, it's always good to see something happy I guess at the end of it. The little guy got his dog back. It doesn't get much better than that."

Damian did have a scratch on his forehead and his mother suffered minor injuries from the accident.

The family says they're extremely grateful to the people who found and took care of Bo.

Hope among the wreckage for a little boy and his dog

Thursday, December 6 2012, 11:14 AM CST
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