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Drivers help save lives in 100 car pile up


Two people were killed and dozens hurt afer an estimated 100 cars collided in the fog at about 8 this morning on I-10 in Jefferson County.

Despite the massive collisions, drivers rushed to help people trapped in vehicles minutes after the accident happened.

"We heard some crashes behind us, so my wife hopped out to see if she could help," Matt Stegmoyer said.

Strangers helping strangers, lives colliding to help one another.

"I heard the guy hollering for his wife up here, I ran to him cuase he said his wife had two kids." Damion Francois said. He and Matt met Monday morning.

Families were in shock with one thing in mind, making sure everyone was safe.

"With adrenaline pumping, we just strated running towards where the screams were. I deemed it necessary to see what we could do to help somebody else." Francois said.

Francois pulled 6 people out of different cars in just two minutes. Still he says he's no hero, jsut compassionate.

"He was trying to make sure that everyone was out of the other cars, really making sure that everything was ok," Stegmoyer said.

Cars were crushed so violently, it looked like chunks of metal, but drivers say they're safety is not just good luck.

"This is jsut a confirmation for people to be thankful, because you never know when your number is going to come up or when you're going to be called," Francois said.

It wasn't a Thanksgiving they expected to have, but one they will never forget.

"This is what Thanksgiving is all about, I have 2 kids who are perfectly healthy now, they're ok, it's alright, it's the best Thanksgiving." Stegmoyer said.  

Drivers help save lives in 100 car pile up

Thursday, November 22 2012, 10:04 PM CST
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