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Family remembers Allison Neil Clark during the holidays

JEFFERSON COUNTY - By Megan Dillard - It's the time of year many families get together to celebrate the holidays. For some it can bring painful memories of loved ones lost. KFDM spoke with the family of a southeast Texas woman who was shot two and a half years ago.

Many families spend the holidays together. We sat down with a group who says while they'll spend the season celebrating as a group, they still miss one very special young woman.

24-year-old Allison Neil Clark was shot and killed in May 2010 on West Port Arthur Road near Highway 365. Police say someone fired a shot through the driver's side window of Clark's Ford Excursion. It struck clark in the chest. She was able to stop the vehicle before she died. Police still don't have answers about her death. Two years later, as the holidays approach, her family is clinging to her memory tighter than ever.

"She's always in my heart and in my head." Little words from a very brave big girl. 5-year-old Cadence was just three when her mother Allison Neil Clark was shot and killed. Her little sister MaKayla was only one.

Today, from daddy's lap they tell us about their mother. "Hers is a hippo and hers is a monkey. Whenever they hug on those... 'We think of our mommy.' Really? Does it help you? 'Yeah.' What do you think about? 'Well like stuff about her.'"

Allison's husband Josh is now raising the girls as a single father. He says they're a constant reminder of the wife he lost. "This one right here looks more and more like her every day and this one here acts like her."

Clark says Allison loved the holidays but this time of year doesn't make it any harder because she's never far from mind. "I think it's the same just about year around. There's good times and bad times and times where it comes up where it's just really bad and times where it's just push through."

Pushing through by living out plans the couple made together. "We always talked about putting them in tumbling and ballet. This past year, I finally broke down and put them in both in ballet and tap and jazz."

The family will continue to move forward, make memories, and remember Allison. But they're also searching for answers. "Someone out there took my wife, took Cadence and MaKayla's mommy and nobody knows what's going on. Nobody knows who it is and the people that do just won't talk, if anyone does know. It's just the not knowing."

Clark says he'll continue to be the type of father his wife would be proud of. "It's exactly how she would've wanted it."

Police are still looking for the person responsible for Allison's death. If you have any information, call Eastex Crime Stoppers at 724-TIPS.

Family remembers Allison Neil Clark during the holidays

Thursday, December 6 2012, 11:20 AM CST
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