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Port Neches seeks money for new fire station

PORT NECHES - By Justin Hinton, KFDM News

A federally funded grant may not be enough to provide the Port Neches Fire Department with a new fire station.

The grant totals $1.9 million and stipulates a quarter of that money must be matched by the city. That would mean Port Neches would be required to contribute $600,000.

Combined with the cost needed for the building, the city would need to provide around $1.5 million. The city council will determine whether they can afford to accept the grant

“They do certainly recognize the benefit and merit of the fact that there are grant funds that may or may not be available sometime in the near future,” said Andre Wimer, Port Neches City Manager.

He said the council has a lot to consider in making the decision. Fire Chief Stephen Curran says they’ve been looking for a fire station for at least eight years.

“The fire station that we’re in right now is lopsided. We’re right next to the river and the city’s two and a half… three miles across, and we need to center it up in the center of the city so we can give equitable fire protection to the entire city,” Curran said.

Even residents recognize the importance of a new fire station.

Jill Pitre lives around the corner from the current station for the past 15 years.

“Hopefully the community that lives a little farther away the fire department can come up with some unique ways to compensate and get in their vehicle quicker to get there quicker,” she said.

One of those compensations lies with building the new station. The council will meet on Dec. 6 to discuss the issue before the Dec. 10 deadline.

Port Neches seeks money for new fire station

Wednesday, November 21 2012, 08:28 AM CST
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