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Church in a day

LUMBERTON- by Ashley Gaston/KFDM News - Staff and students at a Beaumont school have accomplished what few others have done.

The students worked side by side with their teachers and their parents and in the end they built a church in a day.

They're building walls, putting in insulation, and cutting sheet-rock.

These men are giving this run down mobile home a facelift. It serves as a church for the people who live here.

"You need to give back more than you receive," said Matt Touchet.

Matt Touchet is a Freshman at Legacy Christian Academy in Beaumont.

He's one of 160 volunteers participating in ministry day at a Lumberton mobil home park.

"I have a privilege to go to church and people around here who don't but we're making that possible for them," said Touchet.

Children like Emanuel Castillo attend the neighborhood church three times a week.

"It looked like it hasn't been fixed yet, but today they put a lot of changes into it and today it looks new and nice," said Castillo.

The 12 year old lives with his mother and three sisters in the mobile home park.

The volunteers also mowed his lawn, raked leaves and washed windows.

"She was thankful and happy and she loved it," said Castillo.

Castillo says the volunteers are teaching him how to give back to others.

Tube City IMS donated 25 tons of slagg that the students are using to fill all the pot holes in the neighborhood.

People across Southeast Texas donated every piece of material to help the volunteers.

A neighborhood that will now have a church that's brand new on the inside.

"People should share and care and love for each other and don't be mean to each other," said Castillo.

And members like Emanuel Castillo who are learning at a young age the spirit of helping others.

Members of the community also donated Bibles, desks, toilets and vanities to go inside the church.
Church in a day

Tuesday, November 20 2012, 07:47 PM CST
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