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Local company hiring dozens of workers

BEAUMONT- By: Leslie Rangel

West Corporation is looking to hire 40 new employees for its call center in Beaumont. 

The company prides itself on catering to veterans and their families needs. 

The national unemployment rate is 7.9% but in some cases nearly doubles for veteran men and women. 

For veteran males, the rate is at 9.2%, while the female unemployment rate is at 15.5%. 

Human resources representatives for the company say they believe veterans leave the military with a great set of skills for any job market and are happy to help accommodate veterans. 

"With veterans, not only are they going to have prior work experience, civil work experience, but they're going to have all the experience they obtained through the military service." Penny Richard, Human Resources director said. 

One Navy veteran, Daniel Ashmore, says the military teaches men and women how to be unified and how to come together in adverse situations. 

He believes military training gives veterans an upper hand on being more disciplined employees. 

"If they serve our country and they're really in charge of a lot of things like a ship and service to other people cause that shows a real deep commitment." Ashmore says. 

If you are interested in applying for their jobs visit. Local company hiring dozens of workers

Wednesday, January 30 2013, 12:21 PM CST
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