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Student hit by car during robbery

HOUSTON - by Jeremy Desel / KHOU 11 News and - A University of Houston student is recovering from injuries suffered after she was hit by a car in a robbery attempt Saturday afternoon, according to an alert sent out by the school.

"This year it really does seem like there are a lot more things being reported than last year, or there are a lot more armed robberies attacks happening," Michelle Xie, a UH sophomore, said.

Students at UH a getting a little too used to late night alerts from campus police.

This time the victim is a female UH student who was walking by herself at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday near entrance 10 to the campus, according to the university. She was approached by two women in their early 20's.

That by itself is different, "Normally it is like oh it is another female you can trust them by default. It is different that it is females," Casey Goodwin, a UH senior, said.

“That is definitely out of the norm because you think of some like imposing guy figure," Xie said.

After asking the victim for money for gas and not getting anywhere, the suspects asked to borrow her phone and when she gave it to them the suspects tried to take off in their silver Ford Taurus, according to the university.

The victim was hit when she stepped in front of the car, according to the university.

Despite all of the incidents in and around campus this semester students here don't necessarily feel unsafe.

"As long as you are not stupid on campus you are safe," Goodwin said.

"I usually just walk around during the day. If I do walk out at night usually we have friends with us and we try not to let anyone walk by themselves," Kaitlyn Redmond said.

Time of day is no protection the latest attack was in the afternoon.

The student hit by the car is expected to recover.

Student hit by car during robbery

Monday, November 19 2012, 08:49 AM CST
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