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Beaumont man shot twice

BEAUMONT -  PRESS RELEASE - Officers from the Beaumont Police Department were dispatched to 304 Orleans in reference to a shots fired call at about 2 am, Sunday. 

Upon their arrival, no one at the scene knew anything about an incident at that location, however, a short time later officers were advised that a gunshot victim had arrived at Baptist Hospital by private auto.

It was found the victim suffered two gunshot wounds; one to his lower abdomen, and the other to the back of his lower left leg.

There was a witness to the shooting at the hospital. The only information that could be obtained by the witness was that both the victim and witness had gotten into an altercation with others inside the club earlier in the night.

When they went to leave, several unknown subjects followed them out to the parking lot and started shooting at them.

This investigation will continue.

Beaumont man shot twice

Wednesday, January 30 2013, 11:56 AM CST
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