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18 kids find forever families

BEAUMONT - By Justin Hinton, KFDM News

Eighteen kids have permanent homes in Jefferson County after National Adoption Day.

The Briggs family grew from four to seven. Twins Addler and Amellia were adopted as part of Jefferson County Adoption Day while their older brother, Truett, was adopted the day before from Orange County.

The Briggs have two biological children ready for two new brothers and one new sister.

“You don’t have to necessarily be related by blood to love each other to see each other as a brother or sister, a mom or a dad, so at that age to have that concept is absolutely amazing,” Milton Briggs said.

The Briggs chose to adopt all three siblings to keep them together.

Brittni Briggs grew up without her biological father and wondered about other possible siblings. By keeping her new kids together, they won’t have the same questions.

“Did I have brothers? Did I have sisters?” she said. “So it was super important for us when we found out about the twins to get them in and to be able to keep that sibling group together.”

The family will continue serving as foster parents and might add more kids to their family in the future.

18 kids find forever families

Friday, January 25 2013, 05:40 PM CST
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