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Sigee files for recount

JEFFERSON COUNTY - Thomas Sigee has filed for a recount in the Jefferson County Tax Assessor-Collector's race.

He made the announcement during a news conference Friday afternoon.

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Once additional provisional and mail-in ballots were counted earlier this week the end result showed Jefferson County Tax-Assessor Shane Howard defeated Sigee by 16 votes instead of the election-night margin of 23 votes.

The Jefferson County Ballot Board approved 61 provisional ballots and 10 military ballots out of a total of 596 provisional ballots.

When the counting was finished Howard had received 43, 349 votes to 43,333 for Sigee.

Shane Howard told KFDM earlier this week he hoped Sigee "respects the voters' decision" and doesn't ask for a recount.

"I'm thankful, edified and looking forward to serving this community as Tax Assessor-Collector for another four years," said Howard.

He told us that since the advent of straight party voting in Jefferson County his total was the largest number of independent votes, separate from straight-party, of any candidate.

Sigee must pay about $11,000 for the recount. 

Sigee files for recount

Friday, January 25 2013, 05:39 PM CST
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