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Blue Santa ready to help Port Arthur families

PORT ARTHUR- by Ashley Gaston/KFDM News - The Port Arthur Police Department has begun accepting applications and monetary as well as toy donations for its Blue Santa Program.

The oil industry provides thousands of jobs in Port Arthur, but continued high unemployment in the city means a number of families might have trouble buying Christmas presents for their children.
The Port Arthur Police department's Blue Santa program will help fill the void.

Port Arthur Police Officers are building relationships, and connecting with families.

“I have a little one so it's hard to work,” said Heather Kellogg.

Heather Kelllog is one of a number of mothers reaching out to officers.

They’re filling out paperwork and applying for the Port Arthur Blue Santa program.

“I thank God every day for programs like this,” said Kellogg.

This is Kellogg’s first time to apply for Blue Santa. 
She's out of work and has two boys.  They’re 9 months and 4 years old.

Organizers say it's a relatively easy process for parents who want to apply for the Blue Santa program.  All you need is a valid driver’s license and birth certificates for all of your children.

Last year the Port Arthur blue Santa program spent 28 thousand dollars and gave Christmas presents to 650 children.

 “Our main goal is to make sure no kid goes without Christmas,” said Steve Flores.

Detective Steve Flores is the President of Port Arthur’s Blue Santa.
He says the program shows families they can count on officers in a positive way.

“A lot of the kids see us when something bad happens, associate officers with good things
Not just there in the bad times, we're there in the good times,” said Flores.

“It makes them look like role models.  I'd like my child to be a police officer and maybe now they'll have a better chance of deciding that,” said Kellogg.

A decision they won't have to make for at least a few more Christmases.

Click here for more information about the Port Arthur Police Department Blue Santa program

Applications are available at the Port Arthur Police Department, 645 4th Street, from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. beginning Monday, November 12 through Friday, December 7 at 4 p.m.

Every year, officers with the Port Arthur Police Department help hundreds of children through the Blue Santa program.

It began by helping 20 children and last year was able to assist more than 280 families while providing toys to more than 700 children throughout the area.

The program relies on monetary and toy donations from businesses, civic and social organizations and the general public.

You can drop off donations at the Port Arthur Police Department or call and officers will pick up the donation.

This year you can donate online at

The department will collect toys for infants to children through 10.

If you know of a family that's in need feel free to contact the department.

Also, any organization that wants to volunteer its time is welcome to call the department.

Monetary donations should be made available to:

Port Arthur Police Blue Santa

645 4th Street

Port Arthur, Texas 77640


Blue Santa ready to help Port Arthur families

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