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National Adoption Month; Forever Familes Series

BEAUMONT- by Ashley Gaston/KFDM News - More than 5,000 Texas children are waiting for a family to love them and care for them.   

November is National Adoption Month.   An Orange County Family is preparing to consummate the adoption of a Port Arthur child.  One who had the experience of cheering on her older brother during his first super bowl win!

Its super bowl Sunday, well at least it is for this family! “Very excited, the nerves were pretty high in our house this morning,” said Jennifer Wright.

This is the first time the Wright family has cheered on their 7 year old son for the pee week tackle championship inside the provost Humphrey stadium.

“Everyone calls her his cheerleader, “said Jennifer. Her name is Remy and at one year old she's the youngest LCM Bear’s cheerleader.

Remy is the newest addition to the Wright family. “We got a call on December 2nd and they said we have a baby girl at the NICU waiting for you,” said Jennifer.

The excitement overwhelmed the panic for this couple.  They packed up their two sons and drove to the hospital to pick up their baby girl.

“Her mom was young and chose to give her life, but a better life for her and put her up for adoption,” said Jennifer.

The adoption will be official November 15th during national adoption month. “This is a way you can help society, I don't have a lot of things I can do personally.  But, this is what I can do one kid at a time to be a betterment of society, “said James.

A family who believes the children is our future. One this couple says is worth the investment in children like Remy! “They're such a blessing to us- they've changed our family almost made us stop and enjoy life more,” said Jennifer.

A life that's filled with pee wee football, making memories as a family and scoring a touchdown in the game of life.

The Wright family will consummate the adoption of Remy on November 16th at the Jefferson County Courthouse. 

18 other children will also receive their forever family that day.

Also, the Wright family is fostering a teenager and a 6 month old girl who they will adopt in 2013.

There are hundreds of children in the foster care system that need to be adopted.  To see some of the children we've featured in our "Forever Families" series, log onto our website and click on the hot topics tab and then the "Forever Families" tab.

Or you can call 951-3354 for a list of the children who need to be adopted.  

National Adoption Month; Forever Familes Series

Friday, January 25 2013, 01:15 PM CST
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