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Man in critical condition; DPS searches for hit and run driver

DEWEYVILLE - by Ashley Gaston/KFDM News  

Relatives of a Newton County man are asking for help in finding a driver that ran into him and sped away.  55 year old Patrick Brown is in critical but stable condition.

Doctors have twice operated on him.  Saturday, he underwent brain surgery.  Brown is on a ventilator and has several broken bones.

KFDM Anchor Ashley Gaston explains, a driver hit brown while he was crossing the highway near the home where he lives with his brother.

"When I came out he was actually lying there were the blood stains are," said Larry Albright.  Albright is retracing the final steps his brother took Saturday night.

"He was walking across the street to the store to get a couple of powerball tickets and ice cream sandwiches," said Albright. That was the last thing Albright heard his brother say when Patrick Brown left their home in Deweyville at about 7:20 pm.

Albright was outside.  Within minutes, he looked up and saw a trooper and a crowd. "I was afraid he wasn't alive, he  was breathing it was slower than usual," said Albright.

His brother was lying on the shoulder of Highway 12 in Deweyvile just across the street from where they live. Investigators believe it may have been a truck that hit Brown. 

After the driver left the scene, troopers found a passenger side mirror and shattered glass from the passenger side headlight. "The accident is bad enough, but not stopping  I can't express how I feel," said Albright.

Troopers say the impact pushed Brown into the air. He ended up ten yards from where he was hit. "Maybe someone will notice something with broken mirror damage and contact Police and let them know so they can check it out and find the person whoever did this," said Albright.

The person who struck Patrick Brown just across the street from the home he shares with his brother along a route both men take just about every day to get to the neighborhood store.  

Investigators are looking for a truck that has a lot of damage to the passenger side. It's missing a mirror and a headlight.   

Call the Department of Public Safety at 924-5456 if you have information about the truck and the person who was driving it.

Man in critical condition; DPS searches for hit and run driver

Thursday, December 6 2012, 11:02 AM CST
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